Le Uova di Leon

Le Uova di Leon

Our designs in furniture and lights are a consequence of our environment, developed with a personal conscience on how we are influenced by where we live and who we live with.

Behind every piece we have designed there is a story – a link to our lives, our thoughts and our endless discussions!

The development of our work has been positively affected by the sky, geometry, evolution, revolution, chili, space, philosophy, food, light, plants, sex, humor, history, and leon.

Some of our pieces were recently featured in a textbook called “basics product design: visual conversations” written by professor of product design, david bramston.

Since 2006, our works have been presented at various exhibitions in europe, from contemporary art fairs in paris such as slick, where we were represented by galerie sit down to the most important furniture fair in the world, the salone del mobile in milan, where we were invited to present our pieces in the satellite section for young up-and-coming designers.

Our pieces have received coverage in international newspapers such as the new york times and los angeles times, along with magazine publications such as i.d., ddn, interni, ad, bravacasa, salon, l’officiel, among many others.

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